Key feature of proposed invention is about having a Digital Virtual Interactive Personal Assistant Robot at home / care centres / hospitals with all possible devices connected to take all vital parameters as required and send near real time data connected to remote physicians / doctors / concerned authorities and help individuals to take their prescribed medicines on time and also have remote interactive video sessions with recordings for compliance. Program controller (Arduino or Raspberry Pi based controller) to collect this data from patient and give it to the Remote Monitoring Medical Systems /database.  Interface from the Diagnostic and Intervention Algorithm on AWS for processing the patient data collected by the EMR. Voice interface to interact with the patient during collection of data. This is needed for verbose questions such as pain description and other natural language responses. Use speech to text interface to achieve this.

Vitals will be measured for
a. Blood Pressure sensor
b. Pulse and Oxygen in Blood sensor
c. Body Temperature sensor
d. Airflow sensor
e. Body Weight
f. Glucometer sensor
g. Electro Cardiogram sensor
h. Digital Stethoscope
i. Digital ophthalmoscope
j. Digital Otoscope
k. Hemoglobin sensor
l. Galvanic skin response sensor
m. Patient position sensor

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