eNlight Cloud is a Infrastructure as a Ser vice, Public Cloud, which offers great scaling and enormous flexibility for provisioning your virtualized infrastructure within seconds. eNlight Cloud’s state of the art scaling mechanisms, provide exceptional performance and sustained availability to your applications.

Gone are the days of hosting websites and application on dedicated servers with fix sized configuration. Those days of shutting down your online business for server upgrades and maintenance, when server downtime was a common thing. Those days when online presence was only affordable to few business who could afford the immense IT Infrastructure costs. All of this is long gone, put behind by the Cloud Revolution. Today in this era of “any-thing as a service”, where scalability, flexibility and on demand service is a must in this exponentially growing IT world.

eNlight Cloud supply the tools and technologies to abstract the underlying infrastructure in an easy and standardized consumption model. eNlight Cloud manages virtual and physical Compute, Network and Storage technologies. It provides APIs and tools to access these resources in an agile and programmatic manner.

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