India’s low smartphone penetration rate of less than 20%, motivated us to create an indigenous OS to truly make India digital. We wanted to simplify, customize and localize the smartphone experience for the regional language user. Indus OS is addressing the emerging market’s biggest challenge – to develop technology to cater to the diversity of the economic, social and regional diaspora. In our mission, we are using the smartphone as the medium to connect the digital world with the masses. Indus OS has developed the world’s first Regional Smartphone Operating System made especially for the native language user. We are the first to deeply customize Android to meet the real needs of the emerging market’s native language speaking citizens through simplification, innovation and content. The Indus OS is built on Android and currently supports 12 major languages spoken widely in the region. Indus OS’s vision is to digitally connect the next 1 billion people in the emerging markets. Indus OS will put the regional language speaking masses of India on the information highway and allow them to access e-governance, connectivity and entertainment. Indus OS will break the language barrier to make technology inclusive and accessible.

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