Integrated turnkey project called RajNET was formed by Government of Rajasthan, & was supported by Vodafone as Telecom Partner. As on date, 1700+ high population Gram Panchayats have been connected in multiple phases by Vodafone. Vodafone enabled First ever Gram Panchayat level Digital India project through an Application Agnostic, Scalable, SLA based, Centrally Managed MPLS solution. Ubiquitous Connectivity solution connecting rural remotest of citizens thru Gram Panchayats across 33 districts of Rajasthan State for Voice, Video & Data services thus enabling end rural population with primary basic services. Going forward RAJNET is envisaged as Single platform to provide network connectivity through multimode (TERRESTRIAL & VSAT) media throughout State which is centrally integrated, monitored & managed thru Operating centre CINOC in Jaipur.

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