Even before the buzz word ‘IoT : The Internet of Things’ or as recently referred to as Internet of Everything was coined, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication was the most promising technology for many a business transformations. With the growing need of cloud first applications, the M2M technology soon faded and the vanguard Enterprises looked for a solution that transformed their machines to intelligent assets. Their factory setups would have multiple process lines with a diverse set of Machines, Robots, Assembly Lines and conveyors. There was no standardized protocol of communication across existing SCADA, DCS and Historians. They operated with either no or siloed shop floor data. The top management was heavily dependent on this ‘derived data’. However the executives desired to study situations in real time and keep a closer track of everything going on in the plant, at subsidiary and remote plant locations, at remote warehouses, and on goods in transit anywhere in the world. They wished to analyze the Real-Time data as well as store the historical data to identify issues, improve throughput and predict outcomes. They posed several challenges such as – analyzing complex data from heterogeneous machines, poor visibility in production data etc. Altizon identified the technology gap and geared for an innovative comprehensive solution to fill in their need gaps. Little did we know that our vision of ‘Connect Anything, Process Anything and Deploy Anywhere’ will eventually take shape of ‘Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform’ that we today refer to as Datonis® – Altizon’s flagship IoT Platform.

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