mCarbon Tech Innovation – mMoney winner 2015

Airtime Advance and Credit

mCarbon’s key value proposition in usage and revenue category is the “Airtime Advance and Credit” service.  With this service, a subscriber can request a talk-time or data or a VAS service  advance from the operator each time they are in need, thus generating incremental minutes of usage in the network. Offered as various business models like a emergency need based or just as an overdraft like facility, a user may request an emergency top-up via a USSD, IVR, SMS, or Mobile App, and the system will offer corresponding amount instantly. If accepted, the advance will be made available immediately with the validity period as defined by the telco.The system runs advanced analytics in the background to check in realtime things like eligibility, credit score which gets dynamic rating with pay backs.

With a clear leader in this space , the company does highest volumes of such small advances worldwide on a cumulative basis and touches almost 300 Million subs every month. The launch of Airtime Advance and credit service and its deployment at leading telcos in India and the region has led to an almost 10% increase in ARPU on an overall level and created a very engaging service at low ARPU level users. This also has steered a new product line to launch similar offerings in the Mobile financial inclusion space via telcos. This vindicated company’s perseverance to steer itself into the niche VAS related technology using advanced analytics as core and hence growth of the company at upwards of 70% CAGR . The business need for the product ‘Instant credit service’ was to create new revenue opportunities from operator’s existing low ARPU subscriber base with an innovative service that would both enhance the end-user experience and will not only help to recoup potentially lost revenues from insufficient balance in prepaid accounts but will also boost customer loyalty. Solution and product architects at mCarbon felt they had a very innovative solution for the mobile operator’s problems – create and secure a robust talk time/data  replenishment system.

The solution developed by mCarbon is higly scalable and provides enhanced customer analytics and usage information that enhances virility of the service an drive revenues from increased usage. The company has already implemented its technology in India and Bangladesh and is looking for opportunities in other countries.

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