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Aegis Graham Bell Award winners, 2014

Best Innovations in Telecom, Internet, Media and Edutainment (TIME) recognized in 5th Aegis GrahamBell Awards 2014 in New Delhi.

India's largest and the only award in field of TIME (Telecom, Internet, Media and Edutainment) was held on 8thNovember at NDMC Convention center in New Delhi. The awards honored the best innovations in the field of TIME. This award was initiated by Aegis School of Business and Telecom & Convergence India, supported by COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) and Telecom Centres of Excellence (TCOE) India, mUniversity as Powered Partner and Deloitte, the Knowledge Partner for validating the awards.

On this august occasion, Mr. Rajan Mathews, Deputy General, Cellular Operator Association of India (COAI) delivered the welcome speech at the award. Mr. Hemant Joshi, (Partner Deloitte) explained about the rigorous and transparent methodology and selection criteria used by Deloitte. He spoke about the decision matrix being used to validate awards on various parameters and evaluation, by prominent jury members, based on the presentation given by the participating companies.

Aegis Graham Bell Awards intends to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of Telecom, Internet, Media & Edutainment, and provides recognition for path-breaking contributions by the awardees. This initiative is also intended to honor the best brains that can be groomed as leaders and scholars. This year we received over 140 nominations from over 80 companies in two jury rounds, and the nominations were evaluated by jury consisting of eminent personalities and the awards validated by Deloitte, the Knowledge Partner.

AdoRoi - Innovation in Buiness Intelligence

AdoRoi O2O Click, creates Paradigm Shift in Digital Marketing Analytics, particularly because now marketers can know which keyword or media asset generates calls and time-spent on the such calls into any popular web analytics tool such as Google Analytics, all this with-out any API Integration.
AdoRoi is a Predicative Marketing Analytics company and has host of proprietary patent pending Innovations that generate rich never before available data for Analytics whilst increasing efficiency of the 360 Degree Offline and Online advertising campaigns.

Aircel - Innovation in Marketing Campaign 2014

Aircel's 'Good Morning Assam' campaign rolled out to introduce its product in January this year to fuel the usage of the network between 4am-8am in Assam, considering the need for a product during a time band when the subscribers lacked the right benefits from any service provider. A special recharge was offered to the existing and new customers of Aircel, enabling unlimited local Aircel to Aircel calling. The youth-targeted campaign was meticulously conceived, carefully understanding the early-waking customers of Assam - a region where the day breaks an hour ahead of the Indian Standard Time.
As part of the campaign, Aircel launched an Augmented Reality App, connecting the offline world with online by bringing the print and digital world together in a cohesive package offering a competitive innovation and value to advertising. The Application helped strengthen Aircel's brand value and enhanced customer engagement, taking it to the next level.
The 360-degree campaign was nothing short of a marketing blitzkrieg with mix of ATL and BTL activities. It targeted a massive number of people in Assam with the most impactful touch-points, such as branded milk vans across the state that sold milk in packets with powerful imagery of the 'Good Morning Assam' campaign; tea stalls all over Assam that offered free tea to customers buying the product; a 'Good Morning Rally' for bikers. Aircel reached the smallest of places in Assam with its message – whether it was the 'Morning Haat' or the traditional fish market that is an integral part of the region's culture, or the biggest of malls with the highest footfalls.

Merxius Software - Innovation in Augmented Reality 2014

"MARMO" is a Mobile Augmented Reality platform that aids in the Maintenance & Operations of machines. When deployed on a device such as a tablet,smartphone or Google Glass, it uses the device camera to identify the machine being pointed at. It then overlays 3D animated instructions on the video feed, displayed to the user via the device screen.
By displaying timely and context-sensitive instructions, MARMO improves operator efficiency. As the instructions are now overlaid on the machine itself as opposed to being presented in a book or a computer manual, it increases accuracy and reduces human error. It also does away with language barriers such that user oriented languages can be selected for the audio and visual instructions.
The product has wide applicability and the potential to revolutionize the industrial, automobile, medical and defense sectors."

Aircel - Innovation in Customer Care 2014

Innovation is deeply ingrained in the organizational culture at Aircel. In the customer services division as well, we have innovated to become a stronger 'listening' organization ensuring best customer experience delivery. Over the period of time, we have developed models to serve each of our regional markets through the use of local connect and talent. We have also modified and adapted cross industry best practices to enhance our service delivery systems as well as developed a new research framework that helps to better correlate drivers of customer requirement to the business drivers of different markets.

Airtel - Enterprise Mobile App 2014

Airtel mGovernance Solution:
Airtel was challenged by various govt departments and PSUs with creating an mGovernance solution for 360 degree automation. Airtel mGovernance Solution empowers the government by offering 1) Seamless process automation using custom made solutions for the govt sector B) Smart Governance model built with holistic governance ecosystem knowledge c) Real time Service Delivery powered by airtel's strong network backbone.

The key USPs of the solution are:

  • It is a governance ecosystem aware solution. That means the end or holistic responsibility of the solution lies with airtel. Airtel coordinates with different stakeholders, including citizes, TSPs, govt depts., technology partners, handset manufacturers, application developer, VAS providers and sometimes even banks/Financial institutions to deliver one solution, one support experience to the govt institution.
  • The solution is backed by airtel's market proven MATE platform that has over 4 Lakh end points, over 350 enterprise users and connects over 24K govt end points.
  • Mahindra Comviva - Best Telecom Product 2014

    Mahindra Comviva's Optimizer 360, an intelligent media optimization solution enables MNOs to target network congestion relief at different parts of the network during different times of the day, based on real-time invocation of business rules and policies. Unlike conventional techniques, intelligent media optimization selectively applies performance-improvement techniques, based on a combination of variables including - network, location, traffic, application, device and ARPU profile.

    MobiQuest - Innovation in Business Intelligence 2014

    MobiQuest is a Mobile Loyalty, Data Analytics & Precision Mktg Company with 120+ Brands, 45Million Loyalty Consumer Network across Asia Pacific & MiddleEast and purchase contributing to over 2Billion USD. Its flagship product m'loyal i s the world's first Self Service Multi-Channel Loyalty Marketing Platform.

    It allows you to Create your Loyalty Program by configuring Business Rules and creating a personalised Microsite & Mobile App for the consumers. The Version 3.0 of the Mobile App is bundled with new features like a Smart Card that allows consumers to just shake his phone and redeem his/her points, notifications & alerts that are based on his preferences and a reward store that gives the flexibility to choose rewards. It helps Retailers meet Big Data challenges by capturing data from difficult sources and viewing Consumer data across STores, Ecommerce, Mobile & Social Channels in one window. Marketeers can cluster customers on the basis of Recency, Frequency, Purchase or SKUs and create and broadcast RELEVANT campaigns that yield over 10X ROI. Not only does the Platform help reduce Operating Expenses & Improve Business Efficiency, it allows Retailers to personalise the Customer Engagement on the basis of meaningful Insights and Buying Patterns.The Platform is 100% secure, cost effective and is Easy to implement.

    Sterlite Innovative Business Model 2014

    Sterlite Networks Ltd. (SNL) provides last mile Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) telecom infrastructure Service providers of triple play services - Voice, Broadband, Video in select clusters across top cities (Mumbai, Pune, NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai and Ahmedabad) of India on a long term Lease model. We are India's biggest owner & operator of FTTH networks, and arguably the biggest neutral provider of last mile networks globally.

    Our business model and offering is very unique as it allows multiple Telecom Service providers to share the last mile access network to offer triple play services.
    Service providers on Sterlite network enjoy controlled competition as only 3 players can compete in each market and are allowed to pay Sterlite under a 'pay as you use' model. Sterlite is assured of desired project returns owing to precise market selection and revenue assurance in the form of long term annuity payments from Service providers.

    Sahara Q Shop - mPOS 2014

    Development through out-of-box thinking, a unique Point Of Sale (POS) machine, which in contrast to the huge apparatus otherwise used as traditional POS, is actually a handheld, convenient, smart and reliable apparatus, well connected to the main server (24 x 7) at a price 50% lower than that of the traditional machines. It has been observed that user friendliness and reliability, with its 10 hrs power backup, resulted in the device contributing to a phenomenal jump in ROI and scaling up of the modern retail even in the remotest / rural geographies through QMS (Quality Mobile Shops) channel of Sahara Q Shop.

    Tech Mahindra - Innovation in Mobile Device 2014

    Mobile Comm Technologies - Innovative Bundle Service 2014

    MobileComm's 'mMAPs' is 'GIS data' mapping software, specifically developed, to meet needs of telecom industry, by offering better 'RoI', as compared to other GIS mapping tools. As telecom operators are rolling out multiple technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) and networks are increasing getting more complex to visualize, mMAPs would help in better visualization and interpretation of 'Het-Net' GIS data for better decision making.

    mMAPs, not only helps in visualize, analyze, interpret and understand Telecom GIS data, but also helps in taking better technical and financial decisions by 'Network Planners', based on interpreted data. mMAPs is GIS mapping tool for 'Next Generation Telecom Networks'.

    RailTel - Innovative Managed Services 2014

    RailWire is a collaborative platform to deliver reliable, affordable and high speed Broadband services with various value added services for Health, Education,Entertainment and [email protected] to common man. RailWire has a 14,000+ customer base pan India. RailWire is aligned & partnered with several Managed Service Partners for managing the entire operations, hundreds of quality conscious Access Network Providers for end connectivity to customer premises, Last mile service delivery partners for scalable aggregation network and IT partners for billing, provisioning, retailing, auditing& revenue assurance etc.

    HP - Innovation in Online Education 2014

    HP VideoBook is based on a patented HP algorithm that provides an enhanced, immersive learning experience for the students by augmenting the textbook experience with online videos. Videos relevant to each page of the textbook are carefully sourced from multiple online video sources. The videos are presented with the textbook in a graphical user interface. Other education services like assessment and social networking are integrated with VideoBook.

    The rapidly growing availability of textbooks in digital form and online video content enables the possibility of creating a cloud based learning experience that is much richer than the static, text oriented experience it is today.

    Key Benefits for Students:< br />

  • Building Cognitive Skills – Onus on STEM learning
  • Experiential Learning and Enhanced comprehension
  • Always-on content delivery – facilitates My Time learning and Revision
  • Learning mapped to curriculum
  • Assessment Module – In-line Testing & Corrective Action
  • Exclusive Teacher Module - Enabling the teacher to connect better with Students
  • Vodafone - Gamification in Education 2014

    In the context of increasing ubiquity and criticality of Mobile Internet to our business, we chose to use gamification to build current and comprehensive MI knowledge in our employees and front line. The resultant Learning Game, Zentians, helped employees learn about the basics of MI, such as OS, devices, apps etc. in a fun way.

    Zentians is probably the best example of using gamification in learning in corporates. Over 4000 employees played and benefited from this game, led by rigorous deployment across the organization with a Big Bang launch, daily leaderboards, EDMs, circle level rewards, and a visible national finale with valuable rewards such as Blackberry Z10 for the winner!

    Opera Software - Mobile Apps for Consumer 2014

    Opera Coast is a web browser for iPhone and iPad devices. It user interface is native to iOS, there are no buttons and it is optimised for touch gestures such as swiping to browse forward and back webpages.

    Browsers have been the same for 20 years with features such as the address bar, back, forward and refresh buttons etc. Opera Coast is designed specifically for iOS, has it's every nook and cranny optimized for touch and gestures. Its minimalist and intuitive design hides technology in the background to truly focus on displaying websites full screen.

    One Click Technologies - Service Innovation 2014

    One Click Technologies is an innovation led company in the Knowledge Management space. The company essentially focuses on the telecom and device customer support domain so as to enable the conversion of static knowledge into actionable knowledge enabling speedier resolution to customer queries and issues in a more consistent manner.

    Our proposition is a unique combination of an automated decision tree and a high end device simulator. Designed as a fully integrated solution, enables operators to deliver a uniform experience across multiple touch-points of contact centers, stores, and the web.
    Solution deployed as a SaaS model, and hosted at our in-house tier-III, ISO 27001 certified data center in Gurgaon, India.

    Airtel - Unified Communication 2014

    Airtel BizNet Video Solution:
    Help your customer create communities with Like businesses, that was the motto that guided the creation of airtel BizNet video. The solution can video connects the enterprise with its ecosystem partners if the partner is also on airtel MPLS. The enterprise and the partner collaborate with each other through airtel video exchange, without crossing the CUG boundaries of respective customers and without any compromise on IT policies.

    The USPs are:

  • Airtel's solution is unique. There is no other player in the market offering this solution.
  • Airtel has already deployed the solution for an automotive OEM who uses the same to collaborate with vendors and partners and discuss issues like warranty failures, quality measures, engineering design issues etc.
  • Cisco - Best Telecom Product, Optical Networking 2014

    MDS 9250i, popularly referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" in the storage networking (SAN) industry is Cisco's next generation SAN services switch. It supports 16G Fibre Channel, 10G Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and 10G Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) on the same switch. This enables a "SAN in a box" consolidation for small and mid-sized enterprises, while supporting high‑performance SAN extension solutions and distributed intelligent fabric services for large enterprises.

    Panchsheel Research - Green Telecom 2014

    "Cost Optimization solution for cellular tower sites is based on a disruptive technology developed for jointly addressing the cost reduction and green telecom objectives of the telecom industry. While the industry continues to innovate by improving operational excellence, adopting renewable energy and developing energy efficient equipments, this solution has proven to be a game changer by empowering cellular operators & infrastructure providers with critical business intelligence to maximize benefits from these efforts."

    Kochar - M2M 2014

    IGATE - Innovative integrated SMAC Solution 2014

    IGATE innovatively leveraged a confluence of technologies, including Gesture Recognition, Augmented Reality, Context Aware Analytics, Machine Learning and Location Based Services, to provide a seamless, omni-channel solution across mobile devices and desktops. The solution enables Businesses to achieve strong and sustainable market impact, overcome their pain points, and delight the Consumer.

    Ours is a scalable and flexible approach to build solutions for different verticals such as Retail, Banking Financial Services, Energy & Utilities and Manufacturing. The innovative application of multiple emerging technologies enables a highly personalized and immersive experience, through the use of actionable insights, to solve business challenges.

    Vodafone - mMoney 2014

    VelTech University - Innovative Business Model 2014

    VIMAN INITIATIVE TEAM from Vel Tech University has developed a Multi Rotor UAV system which can seamlessly determine the radiation level and radiation pattern of a telecom tower at desired altitude with analysis of structural soundness.

    A never before concept of combining Electrosmog Meter & Multi Rotor UAV system for real time measurement of Magnetic Field Strength, Electric Field Strength, Radiation Power Density and Radiation pattern with optical analysis of verticality of tower structure. The sole motto of this initiative is to save a man who risks his life every day.

    Tech Mahindra - Innovation in Cloud 2014

    Mahindra Comviva - Mobile Apps for Consumer 2014

    Mahindra Comviva's mCare facilitates the shift from a pure transactional-relationship to one focused on engaging customers by offering better service, and driving increased interactions with the brand. mCare enables MNOs to improve engagement across multiple points in the customers' journey from services discovery, purchase to post-sales support.

    [x] Cube Labs - Context Aware Services 2014

    " InstaSense - Mobile Context Awareness Platform
    We developed Instasense as we wanted apps to go beyond being smart and become intuitive. The Platform constantly strives to understand the specific situation of the user, whether one is busy in a meeting or relaxing with friends and generate appropriate behaviour from phones and apps.

    Instead of being a piece of technology, your apps are now more like personal assistants that gauge your situation and present to you services that'll help you make the most out of the specific situation. Instasense took more than three years to develop and its in line with the mission of [x]cube LABS to reduce the gap between digitally backward and digitally forward institutions. It is available as an SDK both for developers and device manufacturers."

    SingTel - Telecom Network Infra 2014

    As the leading and trusted provider for Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) services in Asia, you can count on SingTel's extensive coverage – that is fast, reliable, and secure – to improve business agility and improve the reach to your offices around the world. With more 200 POPs across 83 cities – of these, 100 POPs are across 56 Asian cities – and counting, SingTel ConnectPlus IP VPN is a fully-managed and secure virtual private network service based on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). With its IP-based technology, ConnectPlus IP VPN provides businesses the means to manage, scale on-demand, and monitor the delivery of IP traffic or data packets across global offices - easily and quickly.

    Tech Mahindra - Mobile Technology Breakthrough 2014

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    Aegis Graham Bell Awards is intended to promote innovation in the field of Time (Telecom, Internet, Media & Edutainment) and to provide recognition for outstanding contributions. This award is organized with support of COAI, TCOE and Deloitte as knowledge Partner.

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