One Click Technologies – Service Innovation winner 2015


In India with Digital TV revolution, finding efficient models for customer support and up sale from contact center becomes very critical. A customer, across all circles in India, calls the customer care contact center for any sales and support requirements. The reasons could be as diverse as billing queries, requests for activation or deactivation of services, complaints for connectivity, Package, Top-ups, DTH upgrades etc. Due non availability of structured and easily available information, the calls that pertain to sales and support for Digital TV services were taking long AHT and were leading to escalations, thus resulting in customer D-Sat and loss of potential revenue opportunity.

These escalated or long AHT calls would be generally for the following reasons:

  • How to check account balance
  • Recharge through 3rd Party payment transfer app
  • Package upgrade and downgrade
  • Error B001- No Signal
  • How to hard reset STB by using STB keys
  • And many more reasons………………


One Click DTH Knowledge Management Solution
One Click Technologies developed a customized and innovative knowledge solution for Digital TV providers. The solution provides Executives with relevant information in the form of a probing decision tree in binary format, followed by a step-by-step guide in the form of a visual simulation. The guide in simulation format can also be emailed to customers to further reduce repeat calls.
One Click solution is not only a contact center solution also; it is a “Revenue Generator” with simplified top-up comparison flow and upgrade offers. These inbuilt Algorithms and comparison engines allow the agents to have all the required information in just a click away with a simplified screen at their PCs. Thus revolutionizing the primitive methods of Contact Centre support.
One Click also believes that providing technical and up sales support for complex queries does not necessarily require highly trained personnel. Trained personnel for this kind of support are increasingly difficult to find and are expensive. The simplified probing steps, package/top-up/device comparison and the easy-to-use simulator have allowed our clients to improve their first call resolution rates and generation revenue through Up Sale like never before.
One Click solution divided into two modules to make ease for executives and timely response to customer’s query along with revenue generation.

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