Android Based Hybrid Electric Smart Car

This invention relates to the development of an Android Based Hybrid Electric Smart Car named as PIXY, which combines an electric propulsion system with a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE). PIXY is a light weight small hybrid electric car with a small petrol internal combustion engine. Petrol engine is used to fulfill more power requirement when needed and it can also be used as an alternative when battery backup is not enough. PIXY is a two seater smart car which is developed to meet the need of commuters, city travelers and disable persons. Auto Pilot Mode (APM) is extremely helpful for disable persons in traffic jam or slow moving conditions. Software controlled integrated Dual Power Transmission Switch (DPTS) is developed to switch or select the power/fuel type between Electric and Petrol. A GUI based Smart Car Control System (SCCS) (see figure 2) is developed, which can be easily installed on any Android based smart phone or tablet. SCCS can communicate with DPTS, Door opening system, GPS navigation system and music system of PIXY through Bluetooth. The smart phone or tablet can be easily mounted on the front dashboard of PIXY. The commuter can easily select the buttons on touch screen of smart phone to switch the desired power source either electric or petrol, moreover other functions can also be operated like opening/closing the doors, music player, GPS navigation etc.

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