SPEEDON NETWORK – Connected Life  winner 2015

Sterlite FTTH Network: Enabler of Connected Life
World has become a small place to live, thanks to the different means of connectivity made possible by Telecommunication. Today we are able to send immediately clicked photo to our family and friends across the world. While working in office, a mother is able to keep watch of her children at home. A grandmother residing in Chennai is able to video chat with children living in London every day. High profile executives need not carry bulky confidential data physically with him while globe hopping as entire data is stored in a secure cloud server and accessible on Mobile, Tablet or Laptop through Internet. In nutshell, one need not physically move even a foot to get access to desired data, info, content or person if the location is connected through wired or wireless media.

Medium of Connectivity Internet is most popular, affordable and accessible medium of connectivity available for mass. Internet access can be done through various means like,  Wireless – GSM, 3G, WiMax, LTE, WiFi etc  Wire line – ADSL, VSDL, GPON, EPON, DOCSIS etc Internet has become accessible due to combination of media mentioned above. Wireless is the mass means for extending data connectivity at most of the locations. However various limitations like, limited and costly Spectrum, Dense geography, Lack of adequate backhaul bandwidth etc make this medium unreliable and inconsistent. Complaints of rampant call drop and slow browsing speed can be seen on any social media for the networks of even leading telecom operators. In such scenario, dream of truly Connected Life can only be achieved through wired medium. Internet connectivity using wired medium has traditionally been offered using copper cable. However copper medium has limitation in supporting high speed Internet as bandwidth beyond 10 Mbps is difficult to achieve with currently deployed network. Hence only viable medium which can support and sustain the ever growing requirement of Internet speed is fibre medium which is getting implemented as “Fiber to the Home( FTTH)” solution. Once a home is connected through fibre last mile, we can say that particular home has direct access to Internet Super Highway and entire content, information and application available through web can be accessed without any limitation or constraint. Speedon Network Ltd. is pioneer in the field of implementation of FTTH technology in India.

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