Vodafone India Limited – M2M winner 2015

Enabling Remote Asset Management of Green Energy Cooking Stoves by using M2M Solutions

TERI, NexLeaf Analytics and Vodafone Participate in Asia’s Largest trial of Energy efficient green cooking stoves

In India, 875,000 deaths occur every year due to Indoor Air Pollution. A team of cook stove suppliers, solar lamp manufacturers, NGOs, Rural Bank, academics and Vodafone is pioneering a new approach for encouraging rural women in India in using renewable technologies for cooking. Though clean cook stoves is an unglamorous topic it is important. Research suggests that switching to a clean biomass stove could reduce approximately five tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e) per household per year. It will also reduce air pollution by 60-70 per cent and cleaner air means better health for communities.

Project Surya is an international partnership between the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) New Delhi, and Nexleaf Analytics – Los Angeles. It aims to mitigate the regional impacts of global warming by immediately and demonstrably reducing atmospheric concentrations of black carbon, methane, and ozone. The project focus is on replacing biomass burning inefficient cook stoves traditionally employed in rural areas, with clean-cooking technologies.

This project plans to distribute clean cooking stoves to 5,000 households in rural India and reduce the cost of these clean cook stoves for families by incentivising usage-based financing. Supported by Vodafone’s M2M managed connectivity solution, Project Surya is able to remotely collect stove usage data using a smartphone based application Stove Trace (“SootSwap”). This was developed by Nexleaf Analytics with support from The Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ initiative, to create a business case for a global roll-out of clean cook stoves.


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