CtrlS Banking Community Cloud is World’s 1st Tier 4 community cloud for Banks in India built on highly resilient SDN Framework with Auto Self-healing/recovery capabilities in case of failures. It has been built indigenously to address the needs of medium Scale Banks. CtrlS Banking Community Cloud offers Security as a Service which is built on MIT’s Cyber Resilience Engineering Frame work, which is a gold standard for the cyber security incident management for critical organizations like Banks. CtrlS Banking Community Cloud offers the following rich and differentiated features:

1. Fully Automated with Security, Monitoring with Proactive Alerting Mechanisms

2. Cyber Security Operations Center (CSoC)

3. Continuous Vulnerability Assessment Service

4. Web/Mobile Application Penetration Testing

5. Threat Intelligence & dedicated MSS Intelligence

6. Single point of accountability for end-to-end IT Security

CtrlS Banking Community Cloud is built on the best practices mandated by all the industry regulated accreditors and 100% Compliant with RBI Guidelines. CtrlS Banking Community Cloud has robust Security mechanism which assures Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability at all times enabling them to build a secure environment for the clients.

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